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Here, you can see the different types of check valves. Before I explain why I am showing this, let me tell you What is a Check Valve?

Difference between the check valve and swing check valve

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What is Check Valve?

The valve used to prevent backflow in a piping system is known as a check valve. It is also known as a non-return valve or NRV. This is because the pressure of the fluid passing through a pipeline opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve.

It allows full unobstructed flow in regular operation and automatically shuts as pressure decreases.

The exact operation will vary depending on the mechanism of the valve. Now, let’s go back to our first slide. In the first row, you can see the check valves that closed due to swing action. That is why these types of valves are known as swing type check valves.

The closing action for the second-row check valves is to lift the disc. So, during forwarding flow, the valve disc, which can be a ball or plug, gets lifted and allow the flow, and it comes back to its position when forward flow pressure reduces.

Now, you know that a swing check valve is not a different type of valve but a type of check valve with a swing mechanism of the disc.

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