Varun Patel - HardHat Engineer

Varun Patel, BE-Mechanical, PMP.

Welcome to HardHat Engineer. 

Dear HardHat Engineer.

When I started my career as a Trainee Engineer for under construction grassroots refinery back in 2005, I realized that real-world industries required a different skill set than what I studied in college. Mentor makes a big difference to your career growth. So, I have decided to pass on my learning to all engineers who want to take charge of their careers without depending on someone.

This website aims to cover a wide range of oil & Gas industries related topics and create courses for the student to pursue their career.

  • Technical area such as piping, equipment, pumps, welding, materials & NDT
  • Project management topics for those who want to be certified project management professional
  • Project Control topics such as planning, scheduling, and primavera
  • Costing and estimation topics
  • Procurement & Contracts management topics
  • Safety and other related topics

I know these are big commitments and a long path ahead to achieve the objective, but with your support, I will try to make a small difference in this world.